162 - 3 Content Brainstorming Ideas That Will Give You All The Content You Need for a YEAR!


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A question we get all the time is “I know I need to keep in touch with my customers, but what do I talk to them about? Where do I get my content ideas from?”

So, in this episode, your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon share 3 content brainstorming ideas that can fast track your content creation and give you all the topics you need for a year!

And, if you’re not someone who batches your content for a year in advance, that’s ok too, because you can use these ideas to stay just a few weeks ahead, or as inspiration for a specific campaign (you can also use these ideas on social, for your email marketing, for your videos, for content in your Facebook Group, your Youtube channel, your LinkedIn profile - really anywhere you share your ideas and connect with your community!).

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • How to use an organic Facebook Traffic expert’s amazing strategy to create dozens of social media ideas in literally minutes
  • How to get brilliant video content ideas with the click of a mouse
  • The unusual but surprisingly powerful way to use Clubhouse to create your content plan
  • Why being generous and hosting a Q&A session could give you a ton of content ideas
  • What most people leave out of their surveys (and why it’s a crying shame, because when you do this your content basically writes itself!)
  • The “Battle of the Batch” - do you REALLY need to have your content created months in advance?
  • The “30-day cheat” that turns one month’s content into an entire year’s worth
  • And much more.

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