How to Develop a Flourishing Network as A Consultant with Aga Bajer: Podcast #184


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Starting your own consulting business can be challenging, but the decision to leave your job and try to make it on your own is always a process. Aga Bajer is the Founder and CEO of a culture strategy firm called Aga Bajer & Associates. He worked with well-known brands like Toyota, Porsche, Citibank, PwC, and many other well-known brands. He is also an author, a keynote speaker, and the host of a podcast called the CultureLab Podcast. On today’s show, he sits down with Michael Zipursky to share what drove him to leave a famous brand like PwC to start his own consulting business. They also get down on how you can develop a network as a consultant and flourish in setting up your own business. Need the push to go start on your goal or get something done for your business or your future? This episode will help you take that next step.

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