111 - Affordability, Productivity, Capability…Changing the Satellite Industry Dynamic


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In this Constellations Podcast we are joined by Carissa Christensen, CEO and Founder of Bryce Tech, a leading aerospace and emerging markets consultancy and the publisher of multiple space tech-related reports including the most recent annual State of the Satellite Industry Report. Among today’s topics, Carissa will discuss the impact of advances in satellite manufacturing, including software-defined payloads, miniaturization, and virtualization. She discusses the evolution of ground systems given the advent of software-defined satellite networks and virtualization. We will also learn more about on-orbit services including repair, life extension and deorbiting and how they will change the industry dynamic. And, last but not least, Carissa discusses some of the dramatic changes to the launch industry, including rideshare, reusable launch vehicles and increased affordability. For more information on all these topics and more, get a copy of “The State of the Satellite Industry Report”, published by Bryce Tech.

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