20. Legal Man | The Constitution is Inherently Flawed, and it‘s By Design


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BARN. BURNER. Legal Man is a gentleman and a scholar and I can't wait for the day where we get to talk again. He really has some great insights from his 30+ years of experience as a lawyer. There shouldn't be any doubt after this episode that the constitution isn't here to preserve our freedoms. If anything, it limits our freedoms. Since it's enactment, there has been nothing but scandal, corruption, and criminality (and most of it is deemed "lawful"). Social media inhibits our first amendment rights, even though most of them are partners with the federal government. The second amendment, and all of its commas, has been disregarded by some states (California, New York, etc.) that limit how big of a magazine you can put in your AR, AK, or other semi-automatic rifle. And that's just one example. The fourth amendment has been long gone ever since the enactment of "the patriot act" and civil asset forfeiture by the thugs in uniforms (aka the police), as unreasonable search and seizure is rampant throughout our government. We've been sold a bill of goods that the people we "elect" don't even follow or adhere to. What is the consequence for blatantly disregarding the Constitution? Fucking nothing. THEY do whatever they want whenever THEY please but who gives a shit, these people are never brought to justice or have to see any jail time. Atrocities have been committed by our government and they die fat and happy, meanwhile there are people rotting in prison cells for marijuana offenses at this very moment. Take your constitution and shove it up your ass.




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