Sasquatch Suits and Authenticity with The Coyote Collective


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This week on the Consequence of Habit Podcast, JT is joined by the masterminds behind the Coyote Collective. Connor Koch, Colin Rex, Jonny Morsicato, and Christian Van Os Keuls are best friends on a mission to help tell authentic stories.
In this episode, JT, Connor, Colin, Jonny, and Christian discuss:

-creating a business with your best friends
-how they all met and how the Coyote Collective started
-how they manage and handle work when things don't go according to plan
-the most difficult shoot/event they have worked on, and some of the lessons learned from them
-Sasquatch suits
-the importance of radical honesty
-the proposition of betting on yourself
-selling authenticity
-and much more!

In This Episode

Coyote Collective Website | Instagram
Connor Koch
Colin Rex
Jonny Morsicato
Christian Van Os Keuls
Ep. 81 of Conseque of Habit ft. Connor
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