CoH Episode 77: Retired Firefighter, Podcast Host and Nonprofit Founder, John Vargo


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"Seeing dead bodies every day, every week, year after year is not normal. Throughout my career I found it much easier to compartmentalize any problem I was facing and never seek the help I needed. It never occurred to me that simply asking for help required mental strength. Was I afraid of being labeled by my peers? Too often I turned to alcohol, releasing my anger onto my family and close friends or breaking down crying for no reason, or so I thought.” – John Vargo

This week JT sits down with retired Firefighter, Founder of Turn In (a 501c3 nonprofit), and podcast host, John Vargo. John discusses how the practice of mindfulness and meditation has completely changed him as a person and has given him new tools to deal with the stress and trauma he’s experienced over his 20 years as a firefighter. John also describes how he’s helping other firefighters and their families experience the same life changes through his Turn In Foundation and through The Inside Job Podcast that he co-hosts.
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