CoH Episode 70: Former NFL Wide Receiver, Mountaineer and Entrepreneur, Mark Pattison


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“I had to change the question of how did I get here, to what am I going to do about it” – Mark Pattison

This week JT is joined by former NFL wide receiver, podcaster, mountaineer, and entrepreneur Mark Pattison. If you couldn’t already tell from Mark’s impressive titles…. the man knows a little something about the impact of positive habits.
Mark and JT discuss the role habits have had in reaching the highest level of professional football, climbing the seven summits, and becoming a highly successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mark was extremely candid by not only about his triumphs in life but also the struggles he’s had after leaving the NFL.
Mark also gives a detailed account of his accent of Mt. Everest, the final climb to complete his epic adventure to scale the Seven Summits. After an 18-hour grueling climb up and back, Mark completed a long-held dream. Along the way, he also raised awareness and funds for
Epilepsy Foundation in honor of his daughter Emilia, as well as Higher Ground, an organization that supports veterans. An NFL film crew followed Mark’s epic last climb, and in 2021 the documentary Searching For The Summit was released by NFL360.
For more on Mark, check out his
Finding Your Summit podcast and his social links below.

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