S2-03// Womb Healing with Shoshana Sadia


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Hello beautiful souls, today we are diving deep into our sacred portal of life, death and rebirth - yes, we are sinking deeper into understanding divine feminine’s womb space, the yoni. The womb is not just a portal of birth but also a portal of healing and manifestation. In this episode, our guest Shoshana Sadia is going to set us off on a journey to explore our womb space through this insightful convrersation. Shoshana, a woman of color, currently residing in Au is a Women’s Empowerment Mentor and Cycle Guide who works with modern, spiritual women desiring to live more connected, conscious lives. Drawing upon ancient teachings and womb wisdom, I help guide women into deeper states of self-love, self-empowerment, and alignment. The essence of her work is teaching women how to harness the power of their natural rhythms and step into their feminine flow. In this particular episode we will be bringing forward the underlying reasons behind the trauma we store in our wombs, the energetic reasons behind increasing lifestyle diseases in women, why feminine’s heart and wombs are unable to open, the voice-womb connection along with ways in which we can start listening to our womb’s intuitive guidance. This one is actually a very juicy episode for every divine feminine out there waiting to unlock her womb’s wisdom. 00:55 Shoshana’s story of reclaiming her womb’s power 5:09 Why divine feminine’s heart and womb cannot open 8:24 false facade of feminism holding back our healing (wounded feminine v/s divine feminine) 13:13 rise of toxic masculine energy in men & women with hashtag girl boss culture 15:15 energetic work with healing painful periods, irregular cycles, pms, pcos, pcod, pmdd, etc. 22:16 how does womb/sacral trauma manifest physically 25:55 how start listening to your womb’s voice 27:17 how does it look like reclaiming your sexual energy/ womb space in your sexuality 32:14 unlocking your voice and expression through opening your womb space 37:03 connecting with our intuition through our wombs 40:34 practices to start opening up to your womb and create safety 43:30 How to find Shoshana Want more of Shoshana's womb wisodm? We had Shoshana host a wonderful womb healing workshop inside DLL membership whereby she educated us on our womb cycles, womb healing practices and the entire anatomy of our womb. And that's not it, she left us with a bunch of resources to continue this work, think a womb healing meditation, workbook - ah! Get all this goodness along with tons of other study modules inside DLL membership. Get 15% off when you Join DLL Membership for 3months access - share this podcast on your IG story and tag @dreamlifelounge @consciousrevolutionpodcast. Dm code DLLMM10 to avail the discount! Work with Shoshana 1:1 here: https://www.shoshanasadia.com/ Find her on Ig @shoshana_sadia

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