S2-02//The Ultimate Permission Slip to Magnetize Everything you want Unapologetically


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Hello! In this episode, I share with you stories and breakthroughs around self-worth, judgements, deservingness and all the limiting beliefs which had been keeping me stuck and small for a long time in - aka in low magnetism. This episode was recorded when the year started and I was needing some big permission slips to let go of old conditionings. Well, since then. there has been a whole lot of shifts inside out. Hope you enjoy this episode! If you've something to share on this, come find me on Instagram @shivaanibaghel @dreamlifelounge We talk about the Magnetism Workshop in this episode. Magnetism Workshop is where you learn how to turn on your magnetism and step into that divine feminine energy who ‘attracts, doesn’t chase’. We do this by healing self-worth and learning the art of allowing & receiving. You can find this workshop inside the DLL Membership. Learn more about the membership here. Listen to my FREE meditations on Insight Timer here. Opening your Heart to Love is a really good one! If you're new and want to experience more, sign up to my FREE resource library here! I also mentioned a book here called Judgement Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein. Get it here on amazon! Another lovely book to support you: Ask and it's Given by Abraham Hicks. Tap with me on feeling worthy for your manifestations. Open your heart with this energy healing. Purchase 21 days of Self Love e-journal here. Purchase Heart Chakra Workshop here for 44$. Purchase Visualization for Manifestation meditation for 22$ here.

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