Soul Ties, Healthy vs demonic, Episode 6, (1st of 2 episodes)


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Welcome to Conquering Our Unseen Enemies, I am your host, Dawn Simmons and today we are going to discuss biblical and demonic soul ties. We will explain what a soul tie is and the nature of how it is formed. We will give Biblical examples of healthy soul ties and examples of demonic soul ties the Bible warns us against. In the second episode we will continue the discussion of demonic soul ties and we will also go through the four steps to break demonic soul ties. I do want to say upfront that while this show isn’t intended for children, this episode, in particular, has some content that children should not be exposed to so please be aware of that before we begin.

Let's get started. There are not a lot of discussions in Christian circles about soul ties. I don't know of any churches that have taught on this matter from the pulpit, if you do, I'd be interested to know about it. I think on the surface it sounds mystical, like something we shouldn't be talking about. If you go deeper, I think the Christians today don't talk about it because satan doesn't want us to talk about it. If we do, he is going to lose some of his control over people. So the weirder it sounds, the less mainstream Christians will pursue it. Ok, enough jibber jab, let's get into what we mean by a soul tie and break it down biblical versus demonic.

Top show points for this episode are:

· A soul tie is formed when two, but could be more, people are bonded together. There are healthy soul ties and there are unhealthy soul ties. Some are natural soul ties and some are unnatural. There are soul ties based on love and there are soul ties based on sin.

· There are 4 types that are healthy, natural, based on love and biblical.

o The first is through marriage. God created Eve for Adam, so it is the first biblical bond in recorded history in the book of Genesis. Note that this is a new soul tie formed as two others are broken off, leaving the father and mother.

o The second healthy soul tie is friendship. The bible gives us one of the richest examples of friendship I have ever seen. David and Jonathan had an instant bond, a brotherly love that served to keep David alive. These are friendships that are unmistakable.

o The third biblical soul tie is between a parent and a child. This makes sense to most of us. When we create that child there is a necessary physical bond between the mother and the child for the 9 months during the pregnancy. A bond can also be created with the father, I know there are newborns that recognize their father’s voice and respond.

o this is referring to Christians as a group, the church. We are meant as the body of Christ to support each other. We can’t each do it on our own, sometimes we need help, sometimes we are the help. We need to help others grow and mentor them to be strong in the Lord.

· Demonic soul ties are perversions of healthy soul ties.

o The first is adultery or unmarried couples. The demon attached to this tie typically is lust. Ties are formed between two people that are not united in marriage.

o A second demonic soul tie is formed when there is same sex relations

o A third demonic soul tie is when a man or woman has sexual relations with an animal, I think most of us see the perversity of that pretty readily, but what you may not see so readily is when companionship reaches a level that is perverse.

o Another category of demonic soul ties are evil companions. We can be influenced by who we c

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