Series 6 of 7: Overcoming the Spirit of Cursing, Ep 24


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Welcome Back! I am your host, Dawn Simmons, and in this episode of Conquering Our Unseen Enemies we are continuing our focus on our 7-part series for the next 2 weeks including this week, which is the remainder of 2022. This week we are going to be discussing the spirit of Cursing.
Top Show Points:

· We are continuing our focus on our 7-part series for the next 2 weeks, which is the remainder of 2022. We started the series discussing the Spirit of Bitterness, then the Spirit of Strife, Impatience, Accusation and Insecurity. This week we discussed the spirit of Cursing.

· The Spirit of Cursing is a strongman and a very loud spirit. Words are their weapon and they use them very well to illicit pain. The Spirit of Cursing is very controlling. It uses fear tactics, manipulation and plays on weakness to illicit the outcome it is seeking.

· This Spirit of Cursing is a master at using words, words as a sharp blade, a weapon to tear apart everyone.

· Used scriptures: Proverbs 12:18, Proverbs 18:21

· Proverbs 26: 18-19, gave you the story of Linda who didn't like me very much or my dresses apparently

· We need to be firm where firm is called for and dismiss those things that are not really aimed at us.

· Gave example of Jerk who placed a curse of death over my husband in Istanbul and that was an example of being firm and we talked about when to be firm.

· We talked about how to handle a person coming at you with these demon tactics when it's a family member of a coworker

1. Ask the Lord to reveal the truth in the situation. We want to bring the dark to the light.

2. Ask the Lord if there is anything that you have done that has allowed the enemy to work in your life.

a. Repent and ask for forgiveness if the Lord reveals anything to you

b. Rebuke the enemy and use your scriptures

c. Pray quietly whenever you are in the presence of the person with which you are having the issue

3. Set aside time each day with your scriptures to pray and seek wisdom for how to proceed if this is ongoing until the Lord guides you to resolution

§ Document prayers and answered

· We talked about Jesus and how he was firm when dealing with the Spirit of Cursing coming at him through the Pharisees and the Sadducees.

· Matthew 12:36

· Also, I want to encourage you to visit our website and join our Warrior community. I am working on planning some live events and the only way to be included in that is to be a part of our Warrior Community. Just visit our website,, and join from the Home page or the Resources page.

Also, we just dropped a video from our Turkey travels on our YouTube Channel where we visited the ruins of Sardis, one of the 12 churches Jesus sends a message to in the Book of Revelation. Check it out!

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