Series 4 of 7: Overcoming the Spirit of Accusation, Ep 22


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Welcome Back! I am your host, Dawn Simmons, and in this episode of Conquering Our Unseen Enemies we are continuing our focus on our 7-part series. This week we are going to be discussing the spirit of Accusation. This is a big one guys, and I know there are people out there struggling with this and don't even realize it's a demonic spirit that is demonizing them. On week 8, we will have a wonderful new beginning as we enter into 2023.
Top Show Points:

· Accusation is a Spirit of the antichrist; it is a very powerful demonic spirit. Typically, you will find the Spirit of Judgment, the Spirit of Criticism and the Spirit of Faultfinding associated with Accusation. There are frequently Religious spirits that will worm their way in to create conflicts.

· The Spirit of Accusation is such a powerful Spirit.

o First, one of the names the Bible uses to describe and name Satan is our Accuser. One place we find this is Revelation 12:10

o Second, we need to understand that the Spirit of Accusation is a legalistic spirit. What does that mean exactly? Well, a legalistic spirit wants to look for the wrong in others to then present judgment or condemnation. The Spirit of Accusation will often use guilt or shame to get to us and bring us down.

· The Spirit of Accusation will bring up our past sins, our old life and failures to bring us to a place of condemnation. The reason the Spirit wants to do this is to convince us that our past sins remain, and cause us to doubt that our sins have already been forgiven by the blood of Jesus.

· Christians get confused is understanding the difference between condemnation from the Accuser and conviction from the Holy Spirit.

o Condemnation places our sin burden back on us. Condemnation tells us we have to do something to earn our forgiveness, works to make amends. It heavily uses guilt and shame to tear us down and manipulate us to believe we are not worthy.

o The Holy Spirit works entirely different in us. The Holy Spirit uses conviction in our hearts to lead us from our sinful life, no matter how big or small, to Him. He uses His right and true ways to lead us to repentance and back in relationship with him. He does not accuse, that is not His way. He encourages and uses His loving ways to guide us on the right path. 2 Timothy 3:16

· Additional scriptures we referenced: Proverbs 3:6, Proverbs 24:3

· Jesus gives us a description of the Accuser, satan, in John 8:44

· 6 Steps to Evict the Accuser

o Acknowledge it: Identify if what you are feeling is condemnation or conviction.

o Understand it: Identify condemnation tactics and why used? Have they worked in the past?

o Accept Conviction and correction:

o Repent: Break ties, Rebuke the enemy and prepare for the enemy to come back and attempt to demonize you again.

o Seek Forgiveness: Release it to the Lord:

o Replace it: We want to ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all situations. Invite the Holy Spirit into the situation. If we are going to evict the enemy and his influence, we need to replace accusation and fill ourselves with what the Holy Spirit provides. John 15:26 and John 16:13

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