Identifying the Spirit of Jealousy


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Welcome Back! I am your host, Dawn Simmons, and in this episode of Conquering Our Unseen Enemies we are going to be discussing the spirit of Jealousy. We are going to be identifying the characteristics of the spirit of jealousy. We will go over some real-life examples of people dealing with someone acting with a spirit of jealousy and laying out how to evict this influence in your life whether you have a spirit of jealousy or are dealing with someone who has a spirit of jealousy.
Ok so as always let's recap the Top Show Points:

· Jealousy is an ugly, ugly emotion that begins at the beginning. Satan's pride created a spirit of jealousy of all that God has and is, and as a result God threw him out of Heaven.

· Genesis 4 we see the first murder committed out of jealousy. In Genesis 4:7 we see God warning Cain, but Cain could not do what is right and out of a spirit of jealousy, he murdered his brother Abel.

· Jealousy is the 10th Commandment given to us by God. Exodus 10:17

· The spirit of Jealousy attacks our self-worth, affects how we view others, the world, creates bitterness, harbors hatred, entices people to compromise their morals, and only serves to take us into a downward spiral that will ultimately produce rejection in our lives. All of that has an origin and it is all from satan

· James 3:16 tells us this, "For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice."

· The characteristics of the spirit of Jealousy are not always easy to spot at first but once you pick up on one or two you will see how they weave together. Went over 10 characteristics.

· Discussed 3 real-life examples of people dealing with a jealous spirit

· If you are struggling with a spirit of jealousy, even just slightly, you need to address it head on, and quickly. You do not want to allow it to take root and begin to stir up other areas that will only produce chaos in your life.

o Admit it and don’t try to justify it.

o Repent

o Ask for Forgiveness

o Be Thankful.

· If you are in the position of having to deal with the spirit of jealousy from someone in your life here are ways to evict the influence it is having over you.

o Seek the Lord and pray over the situation

o Pray for them

o Don't allow yourself to get upset by their behavior

o Shift your position to cutoff opportunity or redirect attention

o If the situation is just too toxic for you to be able to function at work, church within the family, then you want to consider the process we discussed in the Narcissism episodes that is laid out for us in Matthew 18:15.

We encourage you:

· To have an active Bible reading plan, it will be helpful in gaining wisdom and understanding and it is required for the gift of spiritual discernment

I have enjoyed this time with you and I look forward to our time again next week!

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