How to Manage Seasons in Our Life, Ep 2-2


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Welcome Back! I am your host Dawn Simmons and in this episode of Conquering Our Unseen Enemies we are going to be talking about seasons. Yes, seasons, we all experience them whether we acknowledge them or not, we all experience them whether we understand them or not, we all experience them whether we enjoy them or not, we all experience seasons whether we grow from them or not. So let’s get to a place together where we can start to develop ourselves and grow through the season for whatever the Lord wants to provide to us.
Top Show Points:

· Opened show talking about seasons, we all experience seasons in our life

· Seasons have a purpose and we cannot rush completing a season. Season is provision

· We want to begin and end a season working WITH the Lord, not against Him.

· Told you about the young woman I gave a prophetic word to about preparation and doors

· Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

· If we don’t understand our season, we are susceptible to the enemy deceiving us

· My Ezekiel Season

· Revisited the young woman and why she wasn’t understanding what the Lord was telling her

· 4 Phases to manage a Season

· Acknowledgment Phase

1. Daily Bible reading and Daily prayer time with the Lord

2. Get Rid of all expectations of your season

· Preparation Phase

· 3. Ask the Lord about your season

· 4. Be patient and wait on the Lord as He works with you in your season.

· Application Phase

· 5. Follow through on whatever the Lord asks of you

· 6. After you have followed through, go back and earnestly ask the Lord how you did, how could you improve, is that what He wanted

· 7 Accept correction with love

· 8. Thank the Lord for all He is doing in your life

· 9. Continue until the Lord releases you from the current season

· Receiving Phase

· 10. Move forward with the Lord to receive the fruit of your completed season

· James 1:7

We encourage you:

· To have an active Bible reading plan, it will be helpful in gaining wisdom and understanding and it is required for the gift of spiritual discernment

Also, we just dropped a video from our Turkey travels on our YouTube Channel. Check it out!

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I have enjoyed our time this week and look forward to spending time with you again next week!

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