Demons....What are Demon Groupings


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Welcome Back! I am your host, Dawn Simmons, and in this episode of Conquering Our Unseen Enemies we are going to lay some groundwork for understanding demon groupings. We will also talk about how demon groupings can form, I will be sharing some of my experiences in working with people to deliver them from the bondage of demons and going over some demon groupings.
Top show points to remember:

· Demons are disembodied spiritual persons who are a part of the Kingdom of satan. They have characteristics that reveal their role in their warfare against us.

· Demons function as experts, specialists, in a particular area for example anxiety. Their entire purpose is to create anxiety in you at any opportunity and if there aren't enough opportunities then they will help to create opportunity.

· Their process will change depending on the person, the place, circumstances and external factors. Demons know the person they are demonizing very well.

· the strongman, not always, but usually the first one in is the one to set up shop so to speak and create opportunities for us to allow other legal access through our sin or words.

· As they create opportunities for others to enter, and we oblige because we are caught up in their deception and lies, then the group begins to form. You can think of it like a chain. They join together and create a demonic chain of influence that over time will get bigger and stronger and pretty soon has us in a bondage

· These groupings can also be called colonies, clans or families. A particular grouping will form that will control a particular area of a person's life.

· The chances are very slim that someone is being demonized by only one demon. They work best together and in particular combinations.

· A strongman is essentially the ruler of the groupings. In a situation where the demons become challenged, you may only hear from the strongman and the others in the group will simply hide behind the strongman and remain silent. The strategy is that if they hide behind the strongman and you don't know they are present, you will miss their presence and they can remain even if others are evicted.

· Not everything we do or that happens to us is demonic. Sometimes we are just making bad choices, so do not misunderstand what I am saying. We are ultimately responsible for our decisions, demon influenced or not because we are also responsible for cleaning out our "house".

· You can have multiple groupings but in each grouping you can have duplicates.

· On average, it is not uncommon for demons count to be in the 20 or even 30 range because they are so specialized. They gain strength in numbers, so it is to their benefit to join forces.

· There are over 50 groupings that I use when identifying demons and the strong man.

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