Crushing Enemy Doubt Tactics Through Faith


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Welcome Back! I am your host, Dawn Simmons and on this episode of Conquering Our Unseen Enemies we are going to be talking about how the enemy uses the spirit of doubt to deceive us into questioning our decisions and actions to lead us into inactivity and wrong choices. We will also discuss the importance of faith in conquering our unseen enemy of doubt.
Top show points to remember

The spirit of doubt is a creeper spirit. It doesn’t show up in your face, instead it slowly makes its way toward you taking every opportunity to exploit challenges around you to its advantage

The spirit of doubt is dangerous because it is a counterfeit to logic and reason. It will use what you think is your God given ability to discern and counterfeit your process of decision making to drive you to do nothing rather than move forward.

It specializes as all demons do, but it specializes at worm holing its way through our faith. If we cannot maintain the integrity of our faith, it will crumble, it will be eaten away and what will you have left to stand on for support? Faith in our walk with Jesus is crucial. We have to protect our house, we have to protect our faith.

As a strongman, doubt is incredibly powerful and its aftermath can be devastating.

The opposite of doubt is faith. Faith can hold you up through all things. Faith can build you in your hardest days. Faith can tear down the plans of the enemy.

Referencing Matthew 14:31, Peter was required to act in faith. If we let doubt win, we cripple our faith. It will inhibit our ability to reach for Jesus which is what the enemy is counting on as our response.

doubt is one of the strongest of the demonic strongmen. Our faith has to be bigger than the strongman and through Jesus it can be.

We need to have the same level of faith in our lives that Jesus exhibited in His.

We encourage you:

· To have an active Bible reading plan, it will be helpful in gaining wisdom and understanding and it is required for the gift of spiritual discernment

· Also, I want to encourage you to visit our website and join our Warrior community. In the month of October I will be picking 4 people at random from our Warrior community for a one hour one to one discussion, so if you would like to be included in that random drawing make sure you join the community.

As always, I hope you learned something and took away some points you can apply to your life. The next episode is going to be covering rejection, so be sure to join me next week!

I look forward to talking with you again.

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