Cultivating a Champion Mindset with Former Professional Boxer and Owner of TMack Elite Training, Tony Mack


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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Developing a champion’s mindset.

The impact of our environments.

How to comeback from a setback.

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Show Notes:

Today’s guest LITERALLY packs a punch! He happens to be a former member of the USA National Boxing Team, a 6x Dallas Golden Glove Champion, and a National Champion, Tony Mack! We’re talking about what it takes to have a champion’s mindset, how our environments impact our reality, and why boxing is a perfect tool for personal growth. After detaching his retina and unexpectedly ending his professional career, he dedicated his life to training others and helping them see higher potential in themselves. Tune in as Tony shares his story, the biggest lesson he learned from Team USA, and how boxing can be a powerful tool for growth.

01:45 - Who is Tony Mack?

03:00 - What was Tony’s childhood like?

08:08 - What impact does your environment have on you?

10:40 - How did he get into boxing?

14:00 - How do you bounce back after a loss?

16:00 - Developing the identity of being a boxer.

18:40 - The biggest difference between pros and amateurs.

22:25 - What are the biggest lessons learned from Team USA?

24:50 - How to develop a champion’s mindset?

27:30 - There are levels to everything.

29:00 - Where does humility come into fighting?

34:00 - What ended his professional boxing career?

37:00 - How did he discover personal development?

39:30 - Why did he become a gym owner?

46:10 - What makes boxing such a powerful tool for growth?

49:30 - Why is the jab the most important sport in boxing?

51:15 - What’s your favorite book?

52:10 - Tony’s version of a perfect day.

52:35 - Advice to yourself ten years from now?

53:00 - One habit you need to conquer your day.

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