Plant Communication with Klaudia Van Gool


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Things we talk about in this episode

  • How we are educated out of connection with the other than human world.
  • The way language separates us
  • Connective language
  • Connective practices to deepen our relationships
  • Relationships need to be tended
  • Why we would want to open the channels of connection to plants and other beings
  • Multi dimensional world
  • St Johns Wort and traditional knowledge

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Ray Johnson

Klaudia grew up at the edge of a village in the south of the Netherlands, considering the fields her playground. An urge to garden led to creating several small gardens around the house.

Doing a degree in Environmental Science after moving to the UK and having two daughters, brought things together and she realised she couldn’t think of anything better to do than work for the environment she loved and has continued to do ever since.

In addition to the degree, she did many trainings in the fields of business, permaculture, education & teaching, facilitation, management, sustainability skills and personal development.

She gathered many skills through training and practical experience: gardening, preserving, foraging, basketry, living willow structures, strawbale and cob building, bushcraft, herbal medicine and more.

Once she started on the permaculture path, she got hooked and also started teaching and consulting on permaculture. This led to a particular social permaculture interest.

In recent years she’s been involved with Extinction Rebellion, mostly focussing on regenerative cultures and deepening her curiosity for ceremony, herbal medicine and plant connection.

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