145: TWIN PETES INVESTING Podcast no.92: TwinPetesInvesting Challenge, Disney, PayPal, BP, Shell, Google, Tesla, CAGR VTU BA. GPH Wine SUP EML AGL GLEN DARK DLG HBR MEGP VLX TW. SED HSX RR. Compounding Investing Returns Psychology AZN Derisking CEY CHARI


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The topics, stocks and shares mentioned/discussed include:
The TwinPetesInvesting Challenge
Dollar / Pound Cost Averaging
Compounding investing returns
Takeovers / Profit warnings
Walt Disney / DIS
PayPal / PYPL
BAE Systems / BA.
Shell / SHEL
Glencore / GLEN
Rolls Royce / RR.
Direct Line / DLG
Darktrace / DARK
Google / GOOG
Vertu / VTU
Global Ports Holdings / GPH
Naked Wines / WINE
Centamin / CEY
Volex / VLX
Taylor Wimpey / TW.
Saietta / SED
Harbour Energy /HBR
ME Group / MEGP
AstraZeneca / AZN
Emmerson / EML
Hiscox / HSX
Supreme / SUP
Derisking your portfolio
Back Up Trust Charity
Menphys Charity
Trading & more.
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