The Magic of Appreciation


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Today on Conflict Managed, Carolina Vela shares the impact of the best boss she’s worked for. He treated her as a leader, and that’s what she became. We discuss the power of appreciation, the reciprocal nature of leadership, and the importance of communicating and leading to produce self-confidence.

Carolina Vela, from León, México, is a 23-year-old international student with a bachelor’s degree in International Business from La Universidad de La Salle Bajío, and an international exchange experience in France, at IÉSEG School of Management. Vela, moved to Tennessee last year to start her MBA at UT Martin, and to immerse in her father’s small business, Marias Mexican Restaurant in McKenzie, TN. Vela is currently working for the UT Martin REED Center as a Graduate Assistant with hopes to learn, improve, and keep acquiring experience in the business field for the future. Vela is fluent in Spanish, English and French, and loves to travel the globe, facing new experiences and challenges, personal, cultural, and professionally.

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