Ime Udoka v. Boston Celtics; Brett Favre's Potential Indictment; & Barstool back in the NIL Game


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Sports Law never sleeps! Welcome back to Conduct Detrimental where we keep you updated with everything Sports Law. Dan Lust is joined by Conlan Farrell (@Conlan_Farrell) to navigate this week's latest news.

Our resident DA Matt Tympanick (@TympanickLaw) joins to break down the potential federal charges coming Brett Favre's way. (7:43) Co-conspirator in the welfare fraud scheme, John Davis, former director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, has pled guilty to one count of conspiracy and one count of fraud. There are more co-conspirators lining up as potential witnesses against Brett Favre.

Matt also gives insight on the Ime Udoka one-year suspension from the Celtics. (I15:55) Udoka has been issued a one-year suspension and has stated that he will not resign from his position with the Celtics. Udoka is being suspended for violating the organization's guidelines for having intimate relations with two females in the Celtics organization.

Tarun (@tksharmalaw) joins to break down the latest in the NIL space. (26:27) Barstool has launched a new platform called TwoYay. Athletes and businesses can sign up and this platform is an easy way for the two to connect.

Dan and Conlan are back with the betting segment sponsored by Bettor Edge. (34:45) Make sure that you head over to and use the promo code "Conduct" for $20 free for bets or go to


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