What Neuroscience Says About Mindfulness with Dr. Daya Grant


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Mindfulness is all about opening yourself up to truly experiencing whatever is happening in the present moment. It’s a word that some people gravitate toward, just as others tend to avoid it. But at its core, it’s about living with your feet on the ground, wherever you are. This week, Dr. Daya Grant, who is a neuroscientist, yoga instructor, and sport psychology consultant, talks about the benefits of taking a deep breath, filtering out the white noise, and focusing on what’s really important.

Dr. Grant says there are ways you can incorporate these tips into your everyday routine to help you hone your focus and put your best foot forward, no matter what life brings your way. For example, you might want to start your day by not looking at your phone. Whether you can hold off for 8 minutes or a whole hour, every bit helps. At the end of the day, perhaps try journaling and writing down the things you’d like to process before you sleep. And before you begin an important task, find a pre-performance routine that works for you, so you’re reading to pay attention without distraction when the time comes.

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