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Hare does his best FOX news anchor impression and makes a variety of misleading statements
WHOSE KRYPTONITE IS GUMBY?: How old were you when you realized your parents were just people? Dimas and Hare have a pretty big gap in age when it comes to this discovery. What if you could change your gender on command? What would prisons be like?
LETS GO SERPENT: Dimas researches Karma and discovers parents who coerce their young kids into saying they've lived a past life. The Satanic Temple of Illinois and local Catholic Groups are at odds again over holiday decorations. Dimas shares that his ethnicity has been called into question multiple times based on his behavior at the local Fruteria
MY FEET ARE HAUNTED: . Hare tells a story of childhood ignorance involving eating bugs. 3d Printed Suicide Pods are here! Dimas helps Hare understand the difference between paralyzed and being in a coma. Switzerland has a suicide pill available. Dimas wonders if that's a good tourist incentive. Hare tries to pitch a movie concept where a white woman gets trapped in a suicide pod.
SYMPATHETIC GHOSTING & THE WORST PAIN YOU EVER FELT: Dimas and Hare share some of the their most painful experiences from their youth. A giant man at Hare's gym is in a relationship with what looks like a baby bird which is an oddly shaped couple. Hare and Dimas are an odd shaped couple.
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