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Lil Hitlers: Hare pitches a sitcom featuring Germany's favorite little rascal, Dimas tries to process that Hare has a unibrow, and Dimas fills us in on how his Double Dragon Robe Debut went during his first sleepover with a special person. Hare pitches ideas on worse things he could wear or do to his appearance to see how much she likes him just for his personality.
Hare's Accent: Hare gets accused of having an accent, Dimas thinks it sounds Wisconsin based. Hare has a meltdown about having an accent from a place he's never been. What does a New Mexico accent sound like?
Turkey Shoes: Hare and Dimas struggle with being thanked for their service, Dimas doesn't respect Chefs and Hare tries to explain the power of wearing a hat. We can't afford shoes for our turkey shoes. Hare meets another 93 at work and finds out what its like to talk to himself. Not a good time, sometimes there is nothing there.
Lets Go Cultists: Hare talks about a San Antonio Church that has developed a sermon based around being anti-vaxx, anti-biden and pro-trump. Hare thinks this is a problem you can solve with PowerPoint. Dimas and Hare review reddit advice requests.
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