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Mandela Impact: What if the world ended in 2012? Is the Super Hadron Collider to blame for our false memories of Sinbad's hit movie, Shazaam?
The Customers Always White: Why are we like this, America? Hare pitches his theory that The "Customer is Always Right" slogan created in 1909 spawned the modern day Karen & The Me-First American mentality.
Dunce Caps Lock: Hare pitches public shaming ideas for Americans who are habitual line steppers. We know the Christians are going to love this segments....until we talk about all the felons who served in the military with us.
Normalize Less: Dimas wants to stop making everything normal. Hare wants to make freaking out normal. Dimas helps Hare understand that giving someone the "stinkeye" has nothing to do with buttholes.
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