Communication in the Past


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Today communication as one of the most important skills. And this was also true for the early modern period – the period which started with Gutenberg’s great invention and which saw ideas spread faster than ever before. During this time gossip played an important role, uncomfortable truths could cost lives and things took a dramatic turn when books and pamphlets were massproduced. In this podcast you will hear fascinating stories of people who tried to communicate effectively. But not everyone succeeded. All of these stories are documented even if some sound too good to be true. And to give you a feel for the time, each episode contains fitting background sounds. These podcasts revolve around effective communication and this is why you’ll get every story in just 10 minutes. I am your host Saskia and I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I do. In case you do, I would be very happy to see you spread the word about my podcasts. A thousand thanks!

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