2021-08-01 Adora and the Distance, Bermuda, Dark Blood, Radiant Black, Save Yourself


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This week's Comics Syllabus is a review of "Adora and the Distance" by Marc Bernardin and Ariela Kristantina from Comixology Originals. And in Polybagged, we talk about "Bermuda," "Dark Blood," "Radiant Black," and "Save Yourself."

We begin with "Adora and the Distance." Marc Bernardin writes and Ariella Kristantina draws this all-ages fantasy about Adora, a girl whose adventurous spirit, courageous heart, and generous soul lead her and a band of companions on a voyage that is more than meets the eye. From Comixology Originals, this is a graphic novel for parents and caregivers as well as kids. Both will find a familiar sort of fun, but the story is set in a surprise context that reverberates with significance.

Then, on this week's "Polybagged," covering some new comics in shops last week (July 21, 2021), we talk about:

"Bermuda" #1 by John Layman and Nick Bradshaw (IDW)

"Dark Blood" #1 by LaToya Morgan and Walt Barna (Boom!),

"Save Yourself" #2 by Bones Leopard and Kelly & Nichole Matthews (Boom!), and

"Radiant Black" #6 by Kyle Higgins, Cherish Chen, and Darko LaFuente (Image)

with mentions of other titles.

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