Family Sues Funeral Home Because of Wrong Body in Casket by Disturbingly Pragmatic with Dave and Paul


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It's got:
Dave Misses Candy!
Doug and Dave are Kicking Their Coke Habits Together!
Pepsi is Disgusting!
Bubbles On My Tongue!
We Love Our Female Fans!
A One-Stop Shop for Streaming?! What a Great Idea!
Nerdy Paul!
Cable 2.0!
Paul's Random Tangent Thoughts!
It's Amy Sedaris Night!
Dave was a Funeral Director?!?!
Who's That Girl?!
Negotiating Pleats!
We Love LADbible!
Alan/Allan Sure is a Dumbass!
Do Better, Paul!
Would You Like Bread with Your Weed? Yes Please!
The Munchies!
Paul Loves a Girthy Cut!
Need a Weapon? Use an Urn!
Nude Florida Man was 'ARRASTED'!
Grandma Full Brick of Glass!
Grandma's Bitch Slap from Beyond the Grave!
Ivana Trump - Buried on the Back 9!
The Gold Plated Promethean Casket!
We're Minuscule in the Universe!
"The Good Place" Was Great!
D'Arcy Carden's Janet Rocked!
Florida Man Is 31...Yet Looks 50! Drugs Are a Hell of a Drug!
Florida Man Charged with DUI in Walmart!
Kendra Krinklesac!
Drunk Uncle!
Paul is a Fun Drunk!
Instant Asshole - Just Add Alcohol!
Penis Questions! Growers, Not Showers!
Paul's TikTok Addiction Loophole!
Eating Nasty Things to Survive!
Julia Child's Cum Cakes!
Lots of Dead Animals!
Boner Pills!
World's Oldest Porn Star!
Filthy, Mouldy Berries!
Fear the Bears!
Paul Loves to Read Questions Twice!
The North American House Hippo!
Brazen Bulls!
Eating Boogers!
Fuck You, Mr. Gilliland!
Itchy Balls!
Wafting Farts!
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