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On the Collecting Keys Real Estate Investing Podcast, co-hosts Daniel Austin and Mike DeHaan divulge their weekly wins, losses, and horror stories, along with proven tactics for optimizing your very own real estate investing business. Unlike other real estate podcasts, Mike and Dan take an uncensored approach to breaking down strategies for investing in real estate, flipping houses, wholesaling properties, and turning the junkiest of homes into beautiful Airbnb rentals. Whether you’re an aspiring real estate investor or you’re ready to turn your hustle into a lucrative full-time career, these discussions are guaranteed to help you COLLECT THOSE KEYS. So, who are Mike and Dan and why should you listen to them? Mike and Dan are real estate investors based in Spokane, Washington who are passionate about improving neighborhoods in their own communities as well as communities across the United States. As a veteran who’s still loving his full-time career, Dan has been taking his entrepreneurial growth to new heights since 2016, when he purchased his first rental property. After quitting his engineering career in 2018 (with no plan), Mike spent the next two years studying real estate investing and business before joining forces with Dan in late 2019 to start their investing business. Since then, the dynamic duo has developed a system for reaching hundreds of motivated sellers each month and redeveloping properties into their highest and best uses.Through trial and error, several books and podcasts, a few mentors, and one monumental mastermind group, Mike and Dan have become a powerhouse of a team, always ready to find new projects, expand their networks, and collect those keys. Now, they’re ready to share their expertise and lessons learned with YOU, all while continuing to learn as they grow.This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme by any means. These are real, candid conversations about how Mike and Dan have created passive income cash flows for themselves and their families through real estate investment (and of course, how you can, too). They never shy away from the nitty gritty technical and logistical sides of the business. They strive to openly share the numbers and systems they’re working with to reach their goals and find success in the real estate industry. It’s almost like you’re sitting in on a weekly team meeting!Having built a rental portfolio of 40 units while completing nearly 50 transactions in 2021 alone, there’s no saying how much these guys will achieve and expand in 2022 and beyond. Watch them grow and advance their team, their portfolio, and their communities one home at a time. So, are you coming along for the ride? If you’d like to learn from the Lead Generation Master and Value Add Expert, hear hilarious stories from their everyday lives as investors, and gain actionable insight into how you can start a real estate investing business with little to no experience, Collecting Keys is the podcast for you. No question!Tune in every Wednesday for candid updates, advice, and secrets to making it big as a real estate investor!

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