How Sudoswap Is Changing The NFT Game w/ Owen, Co-Founder of Sudoswap – 71


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Owen, co-founder of Sudoswap is here to discuss everything you need to know about the decentralized NFT marketplace while answering all questions related to Sudoswap and NFT in general. Hot topics such as royalties debate, devaluation of NFT collaterals, short-term and long-term projects are all well covered in this podcast.
2:01 Intro
3:23 What is Sudoswap?
4:20 Why choose Sudoswap over Opensea?
6:12 Interesting facts about Sudoswap’s protocol?
7:48 Recent surge of Sudoswap’s popularity
10:30 NFT royalties debate
14:33 NFT Collectors vs Traders
16:18 Is Sudoswap inevitable?
18:40 The future features of Sudoswap
19:43 The effect of NFT lending
24:24 Sudoswap’s short-term and long-term plan
25:23 Outro
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