BREAKDOWN: 'Bat-S**t Crazy’ Paul Tudor Jones on the Fed, Inflation and Why He Recommends 5% in Bitcoin


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The originator of the “Great Monetary Inflation” thesis that helped jumpstart this bull run weighs in on bitcoin and macro.

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Just when it seemed like the “Economic Empowerment” narrative coming out of El Salvador was poised to overtake the inflation/digital gold narrative, one of that viewpoint’s strongest advocates was back on CNBC today. Hedge fund legend Paul Tudor Jones discussed why he doesn’t think inflation is transitory, why he recommends 5% in bitcoin and why the outcomes in the market will be based largely on what the Fed does next.

Also on this episode:

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  • Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy sell $500 million in bonds to buy more BTC
  • More shockwaves from El Salvador’s landmark bitcoin law

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