BONUS: "Free Dan Baker!"


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In this special bonus edition of Coffee with Comrades, I sit down with Tallahassee, FL-based artist and community-organizer, Eric Champagne, to talk about the life and plight of Dan Baker.

Dan Baker is a YPG veteran, yoga instructor, and anarchist who was arrested for posts he made on social media in the wake of the January 6th insurrection.

Stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear Dan talk in his own words about his experiences on the inside.

Special thanks to Eric and Adrien, who helped acquire the audio from Dan for this episode. Additional thanks to Running Down the Walls, the Certain Days Calendar, the Anarchist Black Cross, Antifa International, and the Burning Books Collective.

Dan’s birthday is on September 17th. If you’d like to send him a letter or a birthday card, you can do so at the following address:

Dan Baker - #25765-509

FCI Memphis

P.O. Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

You can also donate directly to Dan’s commissary/reentry fund by sending donations to on PayPal.

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