Episode 83: Turning the Tables on Coffee & Change with Kacie Linegar


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Today’s conversation is one that stemmed from an idea from a former guest. The one and only WonderMama, Kacie Linegar, who you may remember from Episode 32, approached me at a time of great change in my life and asked if she could interview me to capture learning, insights, observations and nuggets of growth. Why at this time? Well, as I embark on a new journey and new chapter, the timing seemed right. So, with care and trust, I jumped at the chance to be in the hot seat and have the tables turned and be interviewed by Kacie, who is a career-long transformation expert. She is currently a Principal at a company called ALULA, which specializes in business transformation through effective leadership. Through her career, she has partnered with public and private sector leaders such as the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Chevron and Total, helping them diagnose barriers to individual and team success. She is passionate about working with leaders to change the way they lead to enable them to realize their goals. It was an honor to have Kacie on the show again and I look forward to the follow up in the future. Enjoy the discussion.

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