EP 157 | How To Effectively Work with Family Members | Guest: Lee Calderon & Sophia Calderon


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Chad Lingafelt chats with Lee Calderon & Sophia Calderon, a father daughter design duo that are making strides in the creative world at Arthur Elliott Marketing Group.

Lee is a visual storyteller and has made a name for himself on the West Coast as a designer, architect and illustrator of children’s books. He now serves as Creative Director at Arthur Elliott overseeing a team of influencers and visionaries who are hand-crafting strategic solutions for clients. Sophia is the agency’s rising star and on the team as a distinctly imaginative Graphic Designer.

On this episode, we talk about how to work effectively with family members in your business and avoiding the pitfall of nepotism. If you work with a family member or know someone who does, this is a great episode with fantastic takeaways for a successful working relationship.

3 Tips to have a working relationship with a family member:

  1. Remove the relationship and see them as a individual person
  2. Focus on the work and keep it about the work
  3. Call them by name (Not Dad)

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