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Once again, Stack Overflow takes the pulse of the developer community where we have all collectively decided to switch to Clojure, while Michael is changing things up, Joe is a future predicting trailblazer, and Allen is “up in the books”.

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  • Joe’s going to be speaking at the Orlando Elastic Meetup about running Elasticsearch in Kubernetes on July 27th 2022 (Meetup)
  • Recommendation, keep your API interface in separate modules from your implementation! That makes it easier to re-use that code in new ways without having to refactor first.

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How well does the Stack Overflow Survey results align with your reality?
  • Absolutely spot on. There must be a lot of me's answering this thing.
  • Who are these people? I need to move or change careers or do something.
  • Somewhere in between. Some answers are pretty close, others are ... woah.
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Stack Overflow 2022 Survey

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Tip of the Week

  • Do you worry about talking too much in virtual meetings? This app monitors your mic and lets you know when you’re waffling on. (
  • Did you know you can do a regex search in grep? Example: grep -Pzo "(?s)^(\s)\Nmain.?{.?^\1}" *.c (Stack Overflow)
    • But what if you want to do that in vim? By default vim treats characters literally, but you can turn on “magic” characters with :set magic and then you’re off to the races! (Stack Overflow)
  • Looking for some great IntelliJ Code Completion Tips? Check out this video! (YouTube)
  • Did you know yum install will not return an error code when installing multiple packages at the same time if one succeeds and another fails. Yikes! So be sure to install your dependencies independent of their dependents. (Stack Overflow)

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