Regenerative cultures for learning (ft. Daniel Christian Wahl, Ph.D.)


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In this episode, I speak with Daniel Christian Wahl, international consultant and educator specializing in biologically-inspired whole systems design and transformative innovation. He is the author of Designing Regenerative Cultures and has worked with local and national governments on foresight and futures, consulted companies like Camper, Ecover and Lush on sustainable innovation, and has co-authored and taught sustainability training courses for Gaia Education, LEAD International and various universities and design schools. Daniel's experience and views on regenerative cultures are part of a larger systemic conversation that involve education and the pressing need for change.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The building capacity in ourselves, others, and life, over looking for fixed solutions;
  • Making the teaching of bio-productivity a measure, if not the measure, of success;
  • Being receptive to place so we can become expressions of place.

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