What do you want to make, do, or learn? (ft. Rob Houben)


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In this episode, I speak with Rob Houben, from the Agora School, in the Netherlands. Agora is a school without using timetables, courses, or age groups. They teach students to manage their own learning process, starting each day with a simple question: What do you want to make, do or learn? This is a network of 20 schools that gives children "the opportunity to play, because when children are playing, they get interested." In this conversation, Rob and I discuss:

  • How it's not about learner-centered, it's about growth;
  • How you can design learning experiences based on what kids need and are interested in in that moment, not what the "curriculum" tells them;

  • Liberation as culture-building for deeper learning.

You can find out more about Agora in this article.

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