A new lexicon to create a new paradigm of learning (ft. Stephanie Pace Marshall, Ph.D.)


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In this episode, I speak with Stephanie Pace Marshall, author of The Power to Transform. Stephanie is a speaker, author, writer and advisor, she illuminates the inextricable connections between the future of learning and the future of humanity, and offers a fundamentally new story of learning grounded in the principles of living systems and how life creatively organizes itself to thrive. Her work has helped shape the re-imagination and redesign of learning. Stephanie’s career and life’s work has been dedicated to a singular truth: “Learning must liberate the goodness and genius that resides within each child; and its design must ignite and nurture the power and creativity of the human spirit for the world.” In this episode, we discuss:

  • How the old lexicon will never allow us to write a new story because it traps us in the old paradigm

  • Why asking the question "what will it take" gets us toward a living systems framework better than the Newtonian "how?"

  • The differences between reform and transform, so critical when thinking about learning ecosystems.

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