The Peasant Revolt, Part 3 (& the Billerickey Ambush Cocktail)


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Continuing the story of the Peasant Revolt of 1381, Lauren B details the demands that the rebels make of 14 year old King Richard II. They demand an end to serfdom, rent reduction, the freedom to trade, and freedom from any punishments for their uprising. Tune in to hear the conclusion of this true tale of blood, guts, and betrayal.

Huge thanks to Lauren B for bringing this story to life for us. Her brilliant research and her animated storytelling brought so much fire and substance to the show. She even created the cover art for this and a few of our previous episodes! You can find more of her collage work as well as her time-lapse illustrations and hand lettering on our C&C Instagram page or her personal page, which you can find here.

I also want to thank our resident anticapitalist bartender -- Jesse Torres -- for creating an amazing cocktail for this episode. He joins us again to explain how he crafted this cocktail and how you can easily make your own at home. You can find Jesse on Instagram here.

Cocktail Pairing:
The Billerickey Ambush

1 ½ oz Gin (Hendrick’s, Bombay, and Chicago Distilling are all women made gins)

¼ oz Fresh Lime juice

Soda water

Take a Collins glass and fill with cubed ice. Add gin, lime juice, and top with soda water. Give a small stir to incorporate and then top with 3-4 dashes of aromatic bitters like Angostura. Add a straw, garnish with a lime wedge and smile.

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