Orwell Goes to War (& the George Orwell Cocktail)


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In this episode, Erika continues to tell the story of George Orwell’s life to her friends Ben and John. We discuss Orwell’s time fighting fascists in the Spanish Civil War, during which he is shot in the neck while fighting alongside trade union members, Marxists, and anarchists. He is amazed by the anarcho-communes that crop up in Catalonia. When the leftist anti-fascist militia he’s joined is attacked and defeated by the Soviet-backed party in control of the Spanish government, his criticisms of Stalinism only deepen.

Tune in to hear about Orwell’s experience of the Blitz back in England and his efforts to resist fascism during WWII.

Cocktail: The George Orwell

2 oz gin

2 oz sparkling white wine

1 oz tea

1/2 oz lemon juice

½ oz honey syrup

Add gin, tea, lemon, & honey syrup to a glass with ice, top with sparkling wine.
Episode written by C&C host, Erika
Edited by C&C producer, John
Special thanks to Ben for coming on the show and making us laugh uncontrollably
Huge thanks to Mike Fiore for doing an incredible job with the George Orwell voiceover work. This role was crucial since no recordings exist of Orwell’s voice. Mike absolutely nailed the accent and raspy tone, knowing that Orwell was a heavy drinker and smoker.
Mike Fiore can be reached at fiore.mw@gmail.com

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