Orwell’s Early Years (& the Victory Gin Martini)


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George Orwell offered so much political insight, but his writings and views are widely misinterpreted by conservatives and leftists alike. We begin season 2 of Cocktails & Capitalism by telling the story of George Orwell’s evolution into an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist democratic socialists who would risk his life to fight fascism.
The first chapter in this Orwell trilogy explores the author’s childhood and the time he spends serving in the British imperial police force in Burma. This experience teaches him to despise the oppressive violence of the British Empire. Leaving his position, he lives on the street until a publisher offers him a writing assignment to report on the misery of the working class.

With fascism on the rise in Italy, Germany, and Spain, Orwell volunteers to fight in the Spanish Civil War.

Tune in the next two weeks to hear the rest of Orwell’s story.
Episode written by C&C host, Erika
Edited by C&C producer, John
Special thanks to Ben for coming on the show and making us laugh uncontrollably
Huge thanks to Mike Fiore for doing an incredible job with the George Orwell voiceover work. This role was crucial since no recordings exist of Orwell’s voice. Mike absolutely nailed the accent and raspy tone, knowing that Orwell was a heavy drinker and smoker.
Mike Fiore can be reached at fiore.mw@gmail.com

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