Weekend Edition 37 - From Leadership Network to Chemistry Staffing - A Conversation with Todd Rhoades


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Todd Rhoades has been in the "Connecting Staff to Churches" business since the dawn of the New Millennium, the year 2000! He recently spent 10 years on the team at the Leadership Network, and almost four years ago co-founded ChemistryStaffing.com with Matt Steen.
Todd has been neck deep in ministry practice, theory, and leadership for a long time. I've seen him on websites and emails for years and have FINALLY had the opportunity to sit down with him for an hour-long conversation, which I share with you today on Weekend Edition 37! Enjoy!
If you are sensing God's call to a new ministry, or if you need to call a new staff member and need help in the search, contact Todd or Matt at Chemistry Staffing!

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