OC Office Hour - Trends Showing Up Early Season - AJ Smith, OC, XFL Houston


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Our guest today on OC Office Hour is AJ Smith, OC for the XFL Team Houston. Coach Smith shares some things he's seeing this season in college football as well as the NFL and how it all relates historically. Shownotes: -Trends developing in the college game -All offenses are similar -No more naming offenses -11 Tempo RPO Offense -Historically how offenses change -Trends on defense - single high coverage -RPO of the Year -Then on run and play action -Wake Forest slow mesh pro -Reading opposite on RPO -Run-Pass-Guess -NFL trends -Pass to set up the run teams -Challenging with motion and shifts -Condensed formations - more gaps, more space to run to -Quarters vs Condensed -Vikings and Dolphins offenses -Spring league offense -Air Raid and Run and Shoot success - fewer plays, more reps -Tempo Video & VAR Systems

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