Independently Directing a Film with Sian-Pierre Regis


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How do you effectively direct, distribute and create an international promotional campaign for your independent film? Filmmaker and storyteller Sian-Pierre Regis figured it out with his documentary, Duty Free. The film explores the economic crisis for an aging population, ageism and the care crisis, but it is also a deeply personal story that examines the bond between son and mother.

Duty Free played in theaters across the country, had its broadcast premiere on PBS Independent Lens and was nominated for a prestigious IDA award. But as a first time feature filmmaker, for Sian Pierre, the journey was partially trial by fire before it all came together. We discuss the challenges of independently directing and effectively distributing a feature film, while simultaneously co starring in a project with family members. We also breakdown Sian Pierre’s approach to marketing his film and creating a successful promotional rollout.

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