CLUBCAST 044 CLUB MOBILE DJ Matpat LIVE @ Darnel's Cakes 11/7/20


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The past 4 years has been a test of our Democracy and I am so happy that Philly had the defining moment when we Voted this fascist orange piece of shit OUT. Obviously, a celebration was in order but since we are right smack dab in the middle of the pandemic we thought a little Darnels Cakes rooftop recording is in order. Here is my set from Saturday Night, it's not perfect ya kno recreational... things but it's filled with lots of Philly Soul, Disco and all around feel good music, I quite enjoyed my self. Philly really has so much rich musical history that doesn't get talked about enough; from Philadelphia International Records the roots of early Disco and House, to Fluid the infamous club that hosted a diverse group of so many influential parties (I got to throw one party there before it closed). I know the current scene is strong as fuck and can't wait to get back to it, safely. WATCH THE STREAM - - @matpat

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