CLUBCAST 031 THE WAKE UP CALL - DJ Matpat LIVE 909 @ Club Congress 6/14/19


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My b-day was about 2 weeks ago so I thought I'd do a little hybrid dj/live set at Club Congress, my monthly/bi-monthly dance party here in Philly. I dj'd all nite, while mixing in & improvising on my Roland TR-909 & MPC 2000XL. This is a 2 & 1/2 hour cut from the nite, below are a list of the songs I played live. LIVE TRAXXX 00:22:00 - RAW 909 00:50:00 - Dream It, Say It, Work It (Unreleased) 01:19:00 - Werk It (124 Recordings) 01:58:00 - I LOST it (Unreleased) 02:31:00 - BIH-SHHH BEATS (Clubby Boy) Thx 4 listening :)

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