The Power of Computing with Michael Hyatt


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Michael Hyatt joins me on this episode of Cloud Native Startup.

Not only is Michael a leading tech investor and philanthropist, but he also ranks as one of Canada’s top entrepreneurs. In this episode, Michael provides a wealth of knowledge as he shares invaluable tips for aspiring, new, and current founders. We also discuss the early stages of founding companies with his brother Richard, the mentality behind hiring your weakness, the phenomenal impact of computing, and much more.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Michael’s take on why starting a company with his brother was a powerful and successful business move. (00:15)
  • The power of computing - and the awful truth about technology. (4:12)
  • The importance of being able to pivot and hire your weakness. (8:18)
  • What Michael looks for when he is investing in a company. (17:27)
  • The impact computing has on new companies now vs 20 years ago. (20:24)
  • Michael reflects on the moment he knew success was on the horizon - and how his inferiority complex played a role. (26:07)
  • The challenges of creating a company built around technology. (28:49)
  • Why you need marque customers. (32:24)
  • Michael’s advice to founders. (35:47)


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