Fueling Innovation Through Open Source with Tobi Knaup


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This week on Cloud Native Startup, I’m joined by Tobi Knaup, CEO & Co-Founder of D2iQ.

In this episode, Tobi provides insight on how D2iQ helps its customers change the world through open source and how it is reflected in their core mission. We also explore what led to the creation of this pioneering technology company and how the cloud native space has changed since.


  • Tobi provides an overview of D2iQ and how it came to be - and he walks through their pivot from Mesos to Kubernetes. (00:11)
  • More on the core mission of D2iQ - and how solving technology challenges at Twitter and Airbnb led to the creation of D2iQ. (04:05)
  • How DQI2 partnered with companies in its early days - and the common mistake that D2IQ and most companies make early on. (13:30)
  • Tobi reflects on his journey from an engineer to founder and CEO - and shares his perspective on the evolution of the cloud native ecosystem. (18:44)
  • Tobi’s advice to the younger version of himself and his fellow co-founders. (28:17)




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