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Vancouver, BC – There are many children who struggle with reading. Georgia Hunter, an award-winning children’s author, hopes her books help to turn this ‘struggle and dread of reading’ into a joyous experience. Georgia has written three YA novels: YUBI AND THE BLUE-TAILED RAT. It’s sequel YUBI AND THE GOOD DOG OF TANGIBAD and TABHI, which is a story about a cat in search of a home. Georgia pays careful attention to vocabulary, sentence length and complexity of story. She has also written and illustrated two picture books: LITTLE AFRICAN BEAR and LUCKY HORSESHOES. Georgia says of her first illustrated book, LUCKY HORSESHOES: “I love animals. They always seem to give you a story. My husband and young son lived on a farm in Medicine Hat, Alberta where a young Belgian filly, Maggie, was born. She was lucky to survive the first day of her life and from her experience came the book. Georgia’s writing is also influenced by her travels to beautiful and exotic places…the lavender hills of Croatia, silk manufacturing in South Africa, Morocco and the history of trade in the Caribbean. Even as a child, Georgia was a talented artist and that talent guided her towards a degree in art education. She taught for the Vancouver School Board. Still, in her private hours she was always creating and working in a variety of media. Her bronze sculptures are in collections in England, the USA and Canada. “I just seem to need to try every avenue to express my creativity,” says Georgia. “It is a way to express emotions and all my work is threaded with something truthful from my life.” For more information visit

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