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Episode 25: Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Paranormal Pie Special

Namaste, Shalamar, Shakatak and a massive Rishi Sunak to each and every one of you.

We're kicking off #Episode25 of my sizzling paranormal podcast with our one and only, Linda 'Pie, but no liquor' Pollack, who's been looking forward to a dinner party... a ding-dong party with 'cockney Kate' who's cooking up a lovely summer meal...a nice pa-pa-pa pie special.

We've found more spooky Daily Star stories..."pa-pa-pa-pa pop music special"...and also a "Scarey pa-pa-pa-pa pop music special"... Including one story about 75 year old Kinks pop star Dave Davies. He claims he was slapped with a sex ban by an alien in the 80's! Whaaaaat!!!

I've got a lovely guest from Lincolnshire on this week too! Gerry Kyei tells me a story - one I'd call 'not quite a spooky story' about a tube journey in London.

We have Jake calling in again talking Chinese Medicine. I don't mean to be rude, he's a lovely lad but he's a right pain in the arse. I needed to call Kat to see if I can get Jake (her nephew) from the show, which proves to be one of my more awkward phone calls.

My neighbour Barry, AKA 'The silent Psychic assassin' ... AKA 'Edward Woodward the Equalizer' calls another Psychic hotline to catch out more charlatans. This time, he talks to Emma, to gain further insight into his past, present and future.

...and of course my very own 'Jane Mcdonald sing out' for your ultimate paranormal farewell...and also for any weddings, funerals or parties...please get in touch. X

Thanks to:

· Katherine Boyle

· Lewis Macleod

· Gerry Kyei ( more Gerry over at: )

· Alfie Cain as Jake and Kat Fox as herself

· Barry from Watford and Emma the Psychic

· Podcast producer extraordinaire Laurie Peters at Peters-Fox

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